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Pitchshifter is a British industrial rock/metal band originally hailing from Nottingham.

The band was formed in 1989 by bassist Mark Clayden, later joined by vocalist (and brother) JS Clayden. The band went on to release 10 albums, tour over 30 countries and play at the world’s biggest rock and metal festivals.

Their first few releases had a distinctive industrial sound. The simplified 808 style drum tracks and sluggish drone guitars evolved over the next decade to produce some of the most intense loop based crunching metal/punk riffs and hard floor dance rhythm sections.

Throughout their highly acclaimed career although often commercially overlooked, Pitchshifter were often heralded with founding the Electro Punk genre with JS Clayden’s ‘sex pistols’ barrages on the current state of the UK, simplistic chord driven guitar lines and the inclusion of more and more elaborate sampling and synth based elements.

“In 1998 Pitchshifter released their magnum opus www.pitchshifter.com. An album that melded the band’s love of cutting edge technology, leftist political leanings, stark mechanised industrial metal and Clayden’s Johnny Rotten sneer. The boom and burst dynamics of first single Genius even made some headway on the mainstream chart, was picked up by MTV and suddenly Pitchshifter were on tour with Limp Bizkit in the US. It was no one trick pony either, drum ‘n’ bass-infused metallic bangers like W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G and Please Sir were utterly unlike anything that was happening in music at that time. Even their obvious peers Fear Factory struggled to sound quite so current. Pitchshifter had taken every niche movement in music and splatted it all together.” Loudersound.com 

Pitchshifter created an intense and dedicated fan-base who still work hard to promote the outfit. Although the band officially ceased to be after releasing the album PSI, they have continued to reform for the occasional festival appearance or one-off events.

Since shutting down the PSI-political propaganda machine, Mark and JS have gone on to work on various projects together and solo, including This is Menace, a super group comprising of members of AmenHundred ReasonsFuneral For a Friend and Earthone9.