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Aktiv Dödshjelp

Contact:Thomas Kreidner
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“Norway’s most dangerous band“
The Norwegian punk band Aktiv Dödshjelp has in the last years become well known for their
explosive live performances and immediate melodies topped with humor and irony. In their fifteen
years of existence, the band has toured both domestically and internationally (Sweden, Germany),
and finally, an eager audience will get a first taste with their debut album, ”Send Dudes” which was
finally released in Germany on May 10, 2024.
Aktiv Dödshjelp had its humble beginning among friends Jakob Schøyen Andersen (drums), Stephan
Lyngved (bass), Mattis Mandt (vocals), and Anders Bergh (guitar) at High school in Oslo all the way
back to 2007. At that time, they exclusively played rock covers at local parties, living out their
childhood dream. After consistent positive responses over time, the teenagers understood that there
might be a future in the hobby, and after countless rounds through generators and the creative
minds of media students, they settled on the name Aktiv Dödshjelp with the mantra “if you’re ready
to end your life, you go to an Aktiv concert.” Internally during rehearsals, there was only one rule: ”If
you’re struggling to hear yourself, you’re only allowed to turn the volume one way – up!” After that,
they laughed heartily at how deaf they were after each rehearsal.
Against all odds, both friendships and hearing survived adolescence, and later on, Jørgen Lundstad
Sparre-Enger (Fights/Lundstad) joined with his goal-binding guitar riffs. In adulthood, the band has
played to sold-out Parkteatret, 2 x Klubbøya, supported Honningbarna twice, and had several
concerts in Sweden and Germany. With only 10 released songs, Aktiv Dödshjelp has managed to
capture a loyal audience, which they have recently learned to engage with on social media. After all,
the members are a collection of media elites who have been involved in everything from the NRK
success “Hit for Hit” to music video production for The Good The Bad and The Zugly. The latter is also
high on the list of bands Aktiv Dödshjelp headbangs to, along with Kvelertak and Turbonegro. In
March 2024, they will release their debut album

Aktiv Dödshjelp have finally perfected their sound and deliver on the debut album ”Send Dudes” a
perfect blend of Punk and Rock. If you’re into bands like Turbonegro, The Good The Bad and The
Zugly and Kvelertak, you will love Aktiv Dödshjelp!